BoneJour Dog Training will teach you to communicate with your dog or puppy in a manner he or she best understands, creating a solid and lasting bond for years to come.



Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons with you and your dog.  These can be at your home at your convenience, or here at our training space.  Lesson will be tailored to meet your needs and are generally one hour, once a week although number of lessons, length of time and time lines are all flexible.


Behaviour Problem Solving

The object is to identify the problem, it’s source and determine a way to correct this behaviour through training.  Depending on the problems, this would be addressed through private lessons or a residency program.  Since all training is one-on-one, we can customize what training and solutions are required for your situation.

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Board & Train

We have residency programs that  cover Basic Obedience including the commands: Heel, Sit, Down, Come and Place (a go lie on your mat command) along with position holding (Stay) of all commands. You receive three scheduled, private lessons to learn how to work and communicate with your dog. This program can be adjusted to suit needs and length of stay if required.

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