Private Lessons:

One-on-one lessons with you and your dog.  These can be at your home at your convenience, or here at our training space.  Lesson will be tailored to meet your needs and are generally one hour, once a week although number of lessons, length of time and time lines are all flexible.

What's the advantage of private lessons?

Although there are similarities, dogs have different personalities and as individuals they benefit from individual training.  Work is done one-on-one with your dog so the training’s is suited to him.  My experience will help both you and your dog with the lessons at hand and any current problems you may be having.

Help will be given to you and your dog in a manner he or she best understands with clear instruction and plenty of examples.

Board and Train Program:

We have  residency programs that cover Basic Obedience including the commands: Heel, Sit, Down, Come and Place (a go lie on your mat command) along with position holding (Stay) of all commands. You receive three scheduled, private lessons to learn how to work and communicate with your dog. This program can be adjusted to suit needs and length of stay if required.


Behaviour Problem Solving: 

Because all training is done one on one, I can address any behaviour issues you may be experiencing with you dog.  Generally, I would do an evaluation, either by phone or in person (depending what the issues are), and from that evaluation we can create a plan to move forward with you and your dog to address the problem areas.

Using obedience is a great problem solving tool for many behaviour problems.  

Training techniques are based on a balanced approached of praise, motivation and correction.  These are the tools used during training which work toward building the relationship between you and your dog through communication and mutual respect.  This is the basis for a wonderful relationship.

Basic Obedience commands:

All commands are taught with Position Holding. This means that I don't generally use the word stay, I have the dog hold each position that he/she is currently in. So if I ask the dog to sit he/she needs to keep sitting until he is given another command or is given the release word (okay). This holds true for all commands.


Come - means come


Come - includes an automatic sit in front and facing me


Heel - means walk at my side (on my left) back far enough that I am able to move freely


Heel - includes an automatic sit each time I stop


Sit - means sit


Down - means lay down


Place - means go lay down on your mat (doggie bed) and stay there


Okay - is the release word meaning you are no longer in a command